Marc Bombenon

Luck has a lot to do with business success; being at the right place at the right time, an unintentional meeting on an airplane, even hearing random words of wisdom or advice that wasn’t meant for you can be catalysts to success. For Marc Bombenon, maybe there was some luck along the way but, it is not luck that propelled him to where he is right now. It is a combination of hard work, business acumen and dedication. Fresh from his business administration and marketing studies at the Concordia University in Canada, he immediately formed his first company in the early 1980s. He then founded other companies in the telecommunications industry, in aviation and in multi-family housing in the years that followed.

Marc Bombenon is a man of diverse talents, including being a fixed wing jet and rotary wing pilot. In addition, he is a PADI Certified rescue diver, trained in Korean martial arts and speaks fluent French. These specialties may have helped him in some of his business interests, but his true expertise lies in business strategy, new business development, coaching, public speaking, problem solving and negotiation. He is skilled in various industry specializations like Customer Service, Customer Relations, Sales Management, Entrepreneurship, Non-Profits, Strategic Planning and Telecommunications.

He has been CEO of SureCall, Calgary since August 2002, a Contact Centre enabling corporations and business professionals get a healthier bottom line, achieve greater profitability and be available to their clients at all hours of the day and night. SureCall understands the demands of the modern world, where communications may be necessary when someone is asleep, thereby losing an opportunity. The Contact Centre manages communications of a business or a professional by taking calls, answering the help desk, sales support, customer service, report lines, emergency lines and even mystery shopping. Under the leadership of Marc Bombenon, SureCall offers award winning services to the clients’ customers and friends, either after office hours or around the clock.

Marc Bombenon has also been Vice-Chair of Bordeaux Properties since June 2004. It is a company based in Calgary, Alberta dedicated to land development and housing under the name of Baywest Homes. Founded by Bill Pringle, this land and housing company has significant interests in various Canadian projects. Mr Bombenon has also been a member and served extensively in both Young Presidents Organization and World Presidents Organization, serving twice on the Alberta Executive board in YPO, once on the WPO Alberta Executive and then being asked to be the Canadian Regional Chair for WPO. He has also just finished a two-year term serving on the WPO International Board.

All his interests keep Marc Bombenon very busy indeed, but on top of all these, he still finds time for not-for-profit and charitable projects. Lady Luck always seems to follow Mr. Bombenon around; but the people who benefit from his charitable work become the true beneficiaries of his business success.